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Vital Yoga has been established for 20 years with Lewanna Janine Newman being the owner/principal teacher. She has extensive local, national and international experience and an immense knowledge of the physiological body to the limitless potential of the mind.

Yoga is an inspiring, invigorating journey of self discovery. It’s not only what you do on the yoga mat but how you can incorporate it into every moment of your life. Let us share the ancient wisdom of yoga with you NOW.


Who I Am

| Background
lNIn 1993, I created Vital Yoga. I experienced the profound healing of yoga after giving birth at 8 half months to a stillborn baby. Yoga enabled me to heal physically, mentally and spiritually and transform my life into serving humanity using this powerful tool to discover serenity, stillness and silence within.

I have a degree in Teaching Human Movement and have studied with many masters of yoga & meditation. Ashtanga yoga is my personal practise & have studied in India with the late Pattabi Jois. I’m a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and fully insured.

For the last 15 years, I have been meditating in developing mindfulness and way of ‘being’ in the world.  From 2004 – 2006 I studied extensively Tibetan Buddhism at Chenrezig Institute, Qld, Australia.  I’ve had the blessings to complete numerous meditation retreats including an extensive 3 month silent, purifying retreat in New Zealand.

At 46, I gave miraculous birth to a divine daughter, this being testament to the benefits of living a healthy, yogic lifestyle maintaining optimal wellbeing. Life is joyful, fulfilling & fun.

Lewanna Newman June 2013


| Structure

We teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Classical Hatha Yoga & Meditation to Adults, Children, Teens & Special Needs Clients in different environments (Corporate, Government, Institutions & Schools).

Ultimately, personal tuition or a small group is the most beneficial method to be taught. This is our main focus.

Other adults classes are: Vinyasa yoga at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre, Kensington, Monday 6pm Beginners/Thursday 6pm Experienced & Wesley Sports Club, South Perth, Saturday 3pm Beginners & 4pm Experienced.

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Personal Tuition

| Customised to you

Traditionally yoga was always delivered one on one with the teacher and student developing an open, trusting, close relationship.

Experience your own customised yoga session in the comfort of your home. There are numerous advantages of`private tuition. You will receive the specific requirements for your own personalised practise with individual attention to detail. This enables your personal practise to evolve more effectively and efficiently with amazing results. You are encouraged to progress at your own pace and become responsible for your yoga practise which intrinsically motivates and inspires you to be your best in health and wellbeing. We all have limitless potential.

Couples and small groups are also available for bookings.

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| Specialised Programs

Vital Yoga has extensively taught in the corporate world from government departments to private enterprises. We have also specialise in institutions (eg. drug rehabilitation, prisons) and have had positive, beneficial outcomes for the special needs of the clientele.

Through our vast experience we have the ability to develop specific yoga and meditation programmes to directly correlate to the requirements of the company/institution.

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| Promoting wellbeing

For over 18 years Vital Yoga has taught in schools across the metropolitan area. Yoga is a highly recommended discipline to introduce to children as early as 4 years of age. Yoga in schools has become popular and there are many teaching methodologies. Whilst most teach yoga as “playtime”, we teach a structured class involving a warmup, yoga poses, meditation and relaxation.

Children love to participate in Vital Yoga for it’s fun, active, energetic but not competitive. Children learn to focus and become more aware of their minds and bodies. We have literally taught thousand’s of children from Preprimary to Year 12 including special needs and deaf children.

Vital Yoga can also design an effective stress management yoga session as part of Professional Development for teachers.

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